Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Unstick a Stuck Mac App Store Download

Periodically you may try to install/download/update an app in the Mac App Store (MAS) and it will sit there "waiting" indefinitely. Restarting the MAS doesn't seem to help. What did work for me was the following:
  1. Quit the Mac App Store.
  2. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities/
  3. Open Activity
  4. Search for "storeagent".
  5. Select it, choose "Quit Process".
  6. When asked if you really want to quit the process, choose "Quit".
  7. Open the MAS and try to download the app again.

Note: Before you do this, you can also try holding Option, and it will give you a chance to "Cancel" the download, but this didn't seem to fix the issue for me.


Anonymous said...

where do I find /Applications / Utilities?
How to go there?

Araignée said...

If you go to Macintosh HD (or whatever you've named your computer) in the Finder, you should see the Applications folder. This would be where Safari, Mail, and other programs are typically stored. You may also have a shortcut to it on the dock. The Utilities folder is in the Applications folder. Let me know if you need further clarification!

Anonymous said...

Thanks it worked great!

Anonymous said...

This does indeed work great. Thank you for pointing out the process!

Phil said...

Any chance of an update to this for Yosemite? Storeagent is no longer there.

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