Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ddns: a Dynamic DNS updater for Namecheap

For any Mac/Unix/Linux users out there, I've created an extremely lightweight dynamic DNS client I'm calling ddns. The current version is 0.82.
  • Only works with Namecheap's DDNS service, which is free. For information on how to set that side up, visit my post here
  • Updates the A Record (DNS zone) of your choice with your current IP
  • Written in bash and requires curl and awk, which most distros have. I've tested it on a Mac, but should work on any *nix system
  • Works in a cron job or as a one-time run, and logs successes or failures
  • No known bugs, but please email me at ddns@lotsaoxen.com if you find any!

Download ddns 0.82 here.

Download sample config file here.

If you download the client and use it, please feel free to comment here with suggestions, issues, and such. I can't promise to be able or willing to fix everything, but I'm interested in feedback.


Unknown said...

This is EXACTLY what I needed! Works great with a ton of .conf files for each host. (unless there's a way to define multiple hosts in one conf file.)

Thank You!!!

Araignée said...

Great! As it stands now, it requires one conf file per host. I don't have any plan to change that, but you're welcome to adapt the code if you prefer one conf file (just make sure to credit the original source)!

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