Saturday, November 20, 2010

Microsoft Office 2011 HUP Availability

14:25, 9 December 2010:
Update: Office 2011 is now available on the Home Use Program (HUP) site!

For those who qualify and have Macs, you've probably been wondering when Office 2011 will be available for the Microsoft Home Use Program. After some research on 26 October (when it was released for retail) turned up nothing, I sent a few emails and got this as a reply:
Thanks for your question. Office for Mac 2011 is expected to be available through the Home Use
Program in December 2010.

Let us know if you have any further question, thanks!

Further investigation revealed the Benefit Administrator FAQ from Microsoft (PDF or Google HTML cache), which contains the following statement on page 4:

"Office for Mac 2011 will be made available worldwide on December 9, 2010."

Here's to hoping...


Anonymous said...

Still update on the HUP page yet.

Araignée said...

Check again. It shows up on my side as of now...perhaps they added it after your comment.

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